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Camp Kodiak knows that choosing a camp for your child is not a simple task. We understand that you have many questions and you need to feel assured that the decision you make is the right one. Being parents ourselves, we recognize and appreciate the trust you place in us to care for the most important person in the world, your child.

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I'm just writing in to say how much I really love coming to camp. It has helped me so much and I've made so many new friends. My parents are really impressed with the wonderful job you do, and so am I. I'm always telling a story from camp. I'm starting to think my friends know more about this place than I do!!! Thanks for being such a great "place to grow"!Ashley (former camper)
Just wanted to send you an e-mail and let you know how pleased we were with Riley's camp experience. When we arrived to pick her up, we saw a different kid!!! More relaxed, more confident, even her speech seemed better...slowed down.
Riley will definitely be back next year. Thank you so much!! So happy we found you!!Riley's Mom (Toronto, ON)
I love camp because it is not only the highlight of my year and the screensaver on my phone but it is my identity. I would not be the person I am without camp. I can't really answer the question of why I love Kodiak. But I can easily answer this question: What is there not to love? Nothing!Carrie (Former Camper)
On Lia's behalf, thanks for another great summer at Kodiak (her 7th)! She had a wonderful time, as usual, and we are thoroughly enjoying hearing all her stories. We are always so impressed with the staff when we come up for visiting day. Thanks to all of the hard-working staff!Lia's Mom (Chicago, IL)
You just run an amazing program for all of these children. A huge thank you to you and your team for all the great opportunities you provide for our kids - academically, socially, and emotionally.
Ryan can't wait to go back to camp this summer - last year really was a life-changing experience for him. All people that have come in contact with him over the last few months (family, friends, teachers, etc.) have noticed huge changes in his maturity level, self-confidence and self-esteem. Every chance he could get, he was promoting Camp Kodiak and how he couldn't wait to go back and see all the new friends that he had made.Ryan's Mom (Toronto, ON)
I just want to say that Camp Kodiak is an amazing camp. I had such an amazing time. There are so many activities for all the different campers. I want to continue going to Camp Kodiak. I look forward to seeing you and everyone else at camp next summer.Jordan (former camper)
I simply CANNOT believe the transformation in my little guy! I was absolutely astounded by what he accomplished this year through attending Camp Kodiak. He confronted his fear of heights, his fear of water skiing and was able to make a few friends along the way. The reports from the camp counsellors were invaluable tools in helping us recognize where Gabe's challenges reside and where he excels. When I asked Gabe to tell me who is favourite counsellor was, he couldn't choose one, he loved them all. He also said he never felt homesick, he was too busy to care, his exact words were: "I left my troubles behind". I had to laugh, because at 10 years old, that's a pretty remarkable thing to say. After that, he asked if next year he could come for the entire summer!! Camp Kodiak is far better than I ever imagined.Gabe's Mom (Ajax, ON)
As a German resident our son is not a native English speaker and it took us a while to get comfortable with the thought of having him as far away as Canada during a better part of the summer. In hindsight, however, it was a great decision and he enjoyed the experience tremendously. We will definitely apply for a comeback next year.Lukas's Parents (Germany)
I realized I never got a chance to thank you for the amazing experiences that I had at Camp Kodiak. I am 18 now at York University. If it had not been for your amazing camp, I would have never been able to live in residence. Going to Camp Kodiak has been a very transformative experience. I not only learned how to be independent, but also how to get along with a very diverse group of people. Over the four years that I have been going to camp, my confidence has soared considerably. The LIT program provided me invaluable experience, and taught me how to be a good leader. The swim instructors are amazing. Through their patience and hard work, I learned how to swim and finally got my area 2 last summer.
Thank you again.Ian (former camper)
Christian had a great experience at camp. We have seen some noticeable changes too. He has been much nicer to his brother. He is also more focused in many areas. He just got a job and he has officially expressed a desire to go to college, with University of Toronto as his top choice. He liked all his counselors and looked up to them as mentors.
So thank you for creating a program that has made a difference in Christian’s and other kids’ lives.Christian's Dad (Atlanta, GA)
My son Thomas was not very excited to go away from home for 3 weeks. He is a high functioning Autistic boy (16 years old). It was his first year at Camp Kodiak and he was not sure if he could make it. I was anxious too but I really wanted him to be able to stay for two reasons: he needed to take a break from electronics, and I needed some time for myself as well. After the first week passed by I stopped worrying and I started to enjoy my time. He wrote letters to us saying “don’t worry I am having a good time".
Three weeks were gone and Thomas was coming home. As soon as he got off the bus I realized he had a good time. He didn’t stop talking about his wonderful experience. He said I had no time to be bored and I am planning to go back next year because I already told my friends that I will meet them there next year. Thank you to all of you for helping my son to have such a good time. And thank you for giving me vacation. I really felt that my son was in good hands.Thomas's Mom (Oakville, ON)
Matthew and Madison had a wonderful 3 weeks at summer camp and are asking to return next summer. I am really pleased they tried such a wide variety of activities and bonded with new friends. They received excellent medical support and the counselors were professional. Thank you, Camp Kodiak!Matthew and Madison's Mom (Bermuda)
Kodiak is more than my home away from home. I count Kodiak as my actual home. I started attending Kodiak when I was eleven years old. I was not in a very good place then. I was misdiagnosed and didn't know how to act well. I had no friends, and felt pretty alone in the world. Though my first summer at Kodiak was rough (I kept begging to go home), and I was not expected to ever return, I realized what an amazing place it is. I returned, and have spent seven summers there now. I made some of the best friends I could ask for and learned so much about myself. I am a better person when I leave Kodiak each summer than I am when I arrive. Kodiak taught me that it is fine to be myself, and that I am not alone. I thank Kodiak for making me the person I am proud to be today!Miranda (Former Camper)
Thank you for providing a wonderful summer experience for Eric. As you saw today as we were leaving he was already looking forward to next year when he wants to go for 4 weeks. He didn't stop talking for the first 2 hours of the drive home, and I think that was only because he was so tired. When he saw the early registration for next year he asked me to fill it out already. He wants to pass his 'solo' in sailing. He also enjoyed fencing so much that he wants to register with a club this winter. Thanks again for helping Eric become more outgoing and sociable.Eric's Mom (Zephyr, ON)
Max had the best three weeks of his life at Camp Kodiak this summer and I want to thank you and your staff sincerely. I know the kind of hard work and dedication it takes to make Camp Kodiak the extraordinary place that it is. Max is so fortunate to be part of this special experience and we are deeply grateful to you all. Please extend our warm thanks to the patient and wonderful counselors who stayed behind at the airport to see our guys off. They went above and beyond the call of duty and we really appreciate it!!Max's Mom (Ridgewood, NJ)
The reason why I love Camp Kodiak is because I can be myself and I don't have to worry about being judged for having my difficulties/struggles. Camp allowed me to learn more about myself and to become more confident.
Camp is so welcoming and they provide activities for all ages. The activities promote good sportsmanship and participation. All staff are so approachable and you can talk to them if you are having a tough day or are homesick or anything. They are always willing to lend a helping hand or an ear to listen.Erica (former camper)
Both our children (one with additional needs and one without) loved Camp Kodiak. They made friends, loved the huge range of activities on offer and found it a very welcoming, friendly place. It was an amazing summer 'break' for our whole family and we are very grateful for the experience it afforded us all. The children wish to return next year, because it was so much fun... that says it all really.
Thank you again.Henry and Lauren's Mom (England)
Shane had another fantastic July at Camp Kodiak! He developed in leaps and bounds with all the great activities offered. He gained much in terms of self-esteem, made great friendships and had positive learning experiences.
The fact that every year you hand pick your staff is blatantly obvious, and we were reminded of this when I tripped at lunch, dropped my stack of juice cups and a female counselor eagerly helped me clean up the mess!
The time you took to put together the parents' end of camp package is greatly appreciated and very helpful for us as we work to continue to move Shane in a positive direction. We can't thank you enough for everything your camp has done for Shane!
All our best and see you next summer,Shane's Mom (Toronto, ON)
Andrew had a great time at camp this summer. It was a wonderful experience for him, and he is hoping to go back next year. He liked pottery so much, he is asking for a pottery wheel for his birthday.
From the stories Andrew told, we could tell that your staff puts plenty of emphasis on being respectful of others, and that they are a caring group. We really appreciate everything your staff did to make this first camp experience a positive one. THANK YOU!!
Thanks again for providing Andrew with some wonderful summer memories and experiences.Andrew's Mom (South Lyon, MI)
I just want to tell you that my son, Chris, had the best summer of his life! Thanks to all of the staff for making the summer such a success for him.
He can't stop talking about all the fun he had. It's obvious already how much he's learned. We are so happy he was able to go to Kodiak this year. He's already talking about next year!Chris's Mom and Dad (Chatham, ON)
Kevin attended your camp for three weeks last year. It was an experience he will never forget and talks about it often. True to your word, he never realized that the true purpose of attending your camp was to help him with his social difficulties, but help him you did. For the first time in his life, he has maintained friendships for the entire school year. His friends (two in particular) call him frequently, (in fact, almost too much!!) and invite him over and come over here pretty much every weekend. He has made new friends throughout the last few months, and all of the friends are nice, clean-cut, polite kids with a great sense of humor like Kevin’s. Kevin’s self-esteem has improved incredibly and his Dad and I feel very confident that he will do well next year in high school.
So, THANK YOU. The results were astounding and almost immediate. Your camp gave Kevin the gift of a lifetime. That and a love of sailing and water-skiing! You have a truly unique and special camp and we wish you every success in the future.Kevin's Mom (Thousand Oaks, California)

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My 14 years old daughter had a great experience here. Well supervised during free time and they have great staff especially if you have medication that need to be giving to your child. It was my daughter first year there last summer and she made lots of friends within the first week there.




Camp Kodiak is a good camp and for me I have made so much friends and so much more

Its was my First summer at Camp Kodiak and it was a fun time…


JJ Watson camper of camp kodiak

Finn cannot wait to come back! Truly his happy place where he can completely be himself and feel empowered to grow and learn.

Bianca Krueger

I came here when I was an awkward fourteen-year-old who wasn’t even sure if she wanted to go there for one year. I went for four more years, and though there were some hard times, there are many memories that I will never forget. I wish I could go back for five more years, but I’m 20 now, so….

Erin, former camper and LIT

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