what we know:

  • We are committed to providing a summer of fun, friends, and success for our Kodiak families
  • The safety of family retreat attendees and Kodiak staff will always be our number one priority
  • We are continuing to develop safety protocols for 2021, based on anticipated guidelines from the Ontario Camps Association and public health authorities as well as the experiences of facilities that offered family retreats in 2020. At this time, these protocols include:
    a. being outside as much as possible
    b. mainting cabin cohort groups that are based on family cohorts
    c. wearing a mask when around someone from outside of your family cohort
    d. physical distancing from those outside of your family cohort
    e. requiring family members to "self-quarantine" for 7 days prior to starting your family retreat
    g. requiring a daily symptom screening checklist and temperature check to be completed for 7 days prior to starting your family retreat
    h. daily symptom screening and temperature checks during your retreat
    i. meals to be eaten in outdoor dining areas rather than the dining hall
    j. increased hand hygiene
    k. increased sanitizing and disinfecting of highly-touched surfaces


what we don't know:

  • Whether we will need to limit registration
  • Whether we will need to adjust any of our rental dates and/or lengths
  • Whether we will be able to welcome families from outside of Ontario
  • Additional changes we may need to make to our routines based on guidance documents from the North Bay Parry Sound District Public Health Unit
  • How many staff members and family retreat attendees will have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination prior to the start of their retreat

For more information, please contact us at: (905) 569-7595 or

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