Vlog: Taking Risks

Taking risks is an important part of a child’s growth. Shari tackles how we can encourage our kids to be safe, but also to take some risks.

Vlog: Chores

In this Vlog Marni talks about the importance of chores in a child’s development and how we tackle chores at Camp.

Vlog: Rules

Shari shares her philosophy about rules in this vlog – that they should be clear, concise and easy to remember.

Vlog: Social Skill Autopsies

In this Vlog Geoff takes us through the steps of Social Skill Autopsies, which can be an essential tool in helping youngsters with social skill errors.

Vlog: Schedules

In this Vlog Shari explores how the use of schedules and routines can be really helpful for our kids and teens. She also details how we use these practices at …

Kodiak Family Vlogs

One of our Directors, Shari Stoch, explains our new project for Kodiak on the web – Vlogs for families with helpful strategies and advice for working with individuals with learning …