Vlog: Find Time To Snuggle Up & Read

Reading aloud to children is an important part of their language development, even after they have learned to read. This is especially true for children with reading difficulties. So even …

Vlog: Prompts

Shari explores prompts – cues that are given to learners who are trying to master a new concept. She outlines four types of prompts – physical prompts, modelling, verbal prompts …

Vlog: Visual Prompts

What are visual prompts and how can we use them? Shari answers these questions in this vlog!  

Vlog: Taking Risks

Taking risks is an important part of a child’s growth. Shari tackles how we can encourage our kids to be safe, but also to take some risks.

Vlog: Chores

In this Vlog Marni talks about the importance of chores in a child’s development and how we tackle chores at Camp.

Vlog: Rules

Shari shares her philosophy about rules in this vlog – that they should be clear, concise and easy to remember.