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Our story

Camp Kodiak is an integrated summer program for children and teens with and without Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1. We offer an integrated social skills program, an academic program, and over 50 exciting activities. Our staff is comprised of teachers, child & youth care workers, social workers and other professionals, as well as college and university students.

Watch the Camp Kodiak video for more information and to understand why Kodiak becomes a "home away from home" for so many campers each summer!

Our History

Camp Kodiak was established in 1991. It started off on a leased site near Kingston, Ontario, and moved to our permanent site near Parry Sound in 1998. For more than 25 years, we have helped children with and without learning disabilities learn, establish positive social skills and friendships, and have a fun and exciting summer. We hope to continue this tradition for many years, as more and more campers get to experience success at Camp Kodiak.

Our beloved founder and director, Dave Stoch, sadly passed away on January 29th, 2016. The legacy he left behind has shaped the lives of thousands of young people who attended Camp and Club Kodiak. Ilana, Marni and Shari Stoch are committed to continuing their father’s legacy and making Camp Kodiak a “home away from home” for future campers.

  • 1991

    It all began with a dream, a rented site,
    and fewer than 80 campers

    kids building sandcastles
  • 1998

    We moved to our permanent home
    in McKellar, Ontario

    aerial view of campgrounds
  • 2009

    After many requests from parents of
    former campers who were now 19+,
    Club Kodiak began

    Club Kodiak group
  • 2014

    Ilana, Marni and Shari
    step into the role of Directors

    Directors Ilana, Marni and Shari
  • 2017

    Kodiak Jr. is introduced for 6-8 year old boys
    so that they can get a taste of Kodiak

    young boys in Kodiak Jr

“Many years ago when I was doing my Master’s degree at McGill University in Montreal, I was required to do a practicum. I decided to do my practicum at the Learning Centre – a joint project of Montreal Children’s Hospital and McGill, working with children and adolescents with learning disabilities.

We had an amazing person in charge of the program – Dr. Renee Stevens. One of the things they had us do was take the kids on a 4-day camping trip. At the time I didn’t understand why we were wasting these four teaching days, not teaching math and reading, and all the other things that these kids needed to get caught up on. Once we were out there, I understood what Renee was trying to show us. These kids that are so hopeless and helpless within the four walls of the classroom can have so many talents and abilities when you take them out into another environment that allows them to show their skills and their strengths.

That lesson stuck with me. And that was really what inspired me to get Camp Kodiak started.”

- Dave Stoch, Founder

founder David Stoch

David Stoch (May 12th, 1945 - January 29th, 2016)

Our Directors

Ilana Stoch

Ilana Stoch


Marni Stoch

Marni Stoch


Shari Stoch

Shari Stoch


Blake Pallett

Blake Pallett

Assistant Director

Sam Richards

Sam Richards

Staff Co-Ordinator

Alex Seitz

Lisa Brown

Camp Administrator

CJ Smith

C.J. Smith

Director - Club Kodiak

Interested in our Young Adult (19+) program?

Club Kodiak is for young adults aged 19 and older. It focuses on life skills and social skills while also including fun, recreational camp activities. Click below for more information.


Campers come to Camp Kodiak from all over the world