Vlog: The “ABC”s of Behaviour: Antecedent, Behaviour, Consequence (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of The ABCs of Behaviour: Antecedent, Behaviour, Consequence. In this Vlog Shari explores common antecedents that can lead to behaviour in children.

Part 2 of this Vlog looks into consequences and how we can help children shift from a negative outcome into a positive outcome. That Vlog can be found here: https://www.campkodiak.com/abcs-part2/

About the Author

Shari Stoch

Shari has worked at Camp Kodiak since it began in 1991. She has been the Academic Director since 2010, and is one of the Camp Directors. During the year, Shari works for the Peel District School Board as a special education teacher. She earned her Masters of Education from Queen’s University.