Why do I work at Camp Kodiak?

I have worked at Camp Kodiak now for 13 years and I have often thought about what a summer would look like without camp.

Why do I work at camp?

If I didn’t, how would I spend my days?

What would my son do each day if he wasn’t part of the Kodiak family? Would he be able to go swimming each day or have the opportunity to go horseback riding?

Would he get to experience new things each summer, like rock climbing, go-karting and learning to wakeboard?

Would he get the chance to make new friends each summer with kids from a variety of nations?

As a member of the administrative team at camp, I get to spend 2 months in, what I consider to be, one of the most beautiful places in the world. I get the chance to meet campers from around the world that continue to inspire me each and every day. I get to work alongside and learn from incredibly talented and knowledgeable staff.

Camp creates the bonds and friendships that last beyond the boundaries of McKellar and the limits of the summer. Through working at Camp Kodiak, I have met my best friends, many of whom met and married their partners through camp. It is the fabric that binds friends through the year as one Kodiak family.

So to return to my original questions. Why do I work at camp? Perhaps I don’t have an answer, but rather another question. Why wouldn’t I work at camp?!

About the Author

Blake Pallett

Blake has worked at Camp Kodiak for over 13 years, as a Head Counsellor, High Ropes Instructor and now as the Assistant Director. He began his teaching career in England, and is now a teacher with the Peel District School Board in a special education classroom.