Our Kodiak Story – A Video

Camp Kodiak’s story started long before our first summer. It started with my father’s personal experiences with school failure and then his quest to help students like him in the classroom.

To find out more about our philosophy and what makes us so special, watch our full-length camp video here.

Some things to keep an eye out for as you watch the video:
At 2:40 there is a look inside one of our cabins.
At 3:38 and at 6:49 some staff members talk about what Camp Kodiak means to them.
At 13:21 you can find out a bit about our academic program.
At 15:08 parents talk about their experiences with Camp Kodiak and what it has done for their children.
At 24:38 campers themselves are talking about what they feel they get out of the Camp Kodiak experience.

To see even more videos about our camp, and how your child can be a part of the Kodiak story, visit our website at www.CampKodiak.com.

About the Author

Shari Stoch

Shari has worked at Camp Kodiak since it began in 1991. She has been the Academic Director since 2010, and is one of the Camp Directors. During the year, Shari works for the Peel District School Board as a special education teacher. She earned her Masters of Education from Queen’s University.