In Parents’ Own Words – The Kodiak Experience

At the end of the summer of 2019, 97.6% of parents who responded to our survey said that they would recommend Camp Kodiak to a friend. In addition to filling out the survey, over 50 people opted to leave comments to be used as testimonials about the work we do at Kodiak. Today’s blog is a collection of parents’ general comments about their camper’s experiences at Camp Kodiak.

“In year one, our son was reluctant to go to camp. Different place, uncertainty of making new friends and a whole host of worries. He is now in year 6 and can’t wait for next summer!”

“We were very tentative to send our 12-year-old daughter to camp but had heard such amazing things about the camp and impact on the campers that we decided to try and we were not disappointed. Our daughter enjoyed so many activities and developed strong friendships. So much thought was put into matching campers in cabins and the group was a great fit. Behind the scenes was seamless and very thorough. Will be returning!”

“Camp Kodiak offered our 12-year-old the opportunity to be a kid – to play, be silly, and try new things – in a safe, supportive & joyful environment. She even made a friend – a great accomplishment! Counselors and staff were responsive and professional with us, and supportive and fun with our child. She wants to return for 7 weeks next summer, which says it all. We are so grateful for Camp Kodiak!”

“I cannot say enough good things about Camp Kodiak! After mediocre experiences at other camps, [my son] loved absolutely everything about Kodiak and he can’t wait to go back next summer. As a parent, it’s so heartwarming to see him feel successful and happy!”

“Camp Kodiak is a place where kids can be themselves. [Our son] loves the activities, the friends he has met and looks forward to returning the summer of 2020!”

“This was the fifth year that my son attended Camp Kodiak. I can not say enough wonderful things about Camp Kodiak and what it does for my son every year. It is honestly the best 3 weeks of his entire year and the friendships he has made there will last a lifetime.”

“My son with ADHD felt welcome and included at Camp Kodiak. He returns every year and wishes we had found the camp earlier, and that is the highest recommendation a kid can give.”

“We were very apprehensive about sending our 14-year-old son to sleepaway camp, especially since it was in Canada and we live in Florida. We took a deep breath and took the chance, and boy are we glad we did! Our son grew in so many ways and loved the opportunity to enjoy an independent experience. He came home a bit more mature and is now persevering at tasks from which he would have walked away in the past. We are so glad that we allowed him to have this experience, and feel like we grew as parents, too! He will definitely be going back next year.”

“My son spends his whole school year looking forward to Camp Kodiak. It is a great place.”

“[My daughter’s] second year at Kodiak was a great success. When she arrived home she looked healthy, happy, well-rested and frankly amazing! When I asked her to rate her camp experience on a scale from 1-10 she immediately said, ‘It was totally a 10/10!!!’”

“Three summers filled with personal growth, confidence and friendships!!! The memories, learning and friendships our son has from camp are priceless, thank you Kodiak !!!!”

“If you are certain your child would benefit from scaffolding in regard to social skills, academic reinforcement, and gaining independence, this is the camp for you.”

Many parents tell us that they worried that they would never find the right summer camp for their child. Prior experiences with bullying or difficulties making friends had left children feeling nervous to try new things and venture out of comfortable environments and had left parents feeling nervous to let them go. And yet, they know that summer camp can change lives, and they want their children to experience the power of what camp can do. At Kodiak we provide that safe, supported summer camp experience so that more children can experience success, confidence, and growth. 

If your family has not yet experienced the magic of Camp Kodiak first-hand, please visit our website ( and fill out an application to get started on your life-changing summer in 2020.

About the Author

Shari Stoch

Shari has worked at Camp Kodiak since it began in 1991. She has been the Academic Director since 2010, and is one of the Camp Directors. During the year, Shari works for the Peel District School Board as a special education teacher. She earned her Masters of Education from Queen’s University.