Debunking Some Myths About Summer Camp

Choosing a summer camp can often be a tricky thing to do and there are some myths about summer camp out there that we would like to tackle. Hopefully this information will help you navigate this process just a little bit!

Myth: Camp is too expensive!

Looking at some of the costs for a residential summer camp certainly does come with a bit of sticker shock! But, when you look a little deeper, there is so much value to be found in these costs. Of course sleepaway camp fees include accommodation and meals. At Camp Kodiak, our fees are all-inclusive, meaning that there are no additional costs for transportation, special events, premium activities, or even laundry. That means that your child has a chance to try every activity that we offer — from waterskiing to horseback riding to fencing to over 50 more — only to be restricted by the amount of time they are at camp. These types of activities can often be quite expensive to do at home or within the community, and at camp you get to try all of them for one cost! Camp is an investment, but it is such a valuable one for your camper!

Myth: Camp is too far away!

At Camp Kodiak we have campers that come from across the world and have found their “home away from home” with us. Over the last few summers, we have had campers from South America, Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia and, of course, North America. So we just need some “Antarcticans” to boast campers from every continent! If parents aren’t able to fly with their campers – no problem! Our staff meet campers right at the airport, and then travel with them up to camp.

Myth: My child is too young/old to start going to summer camp!

You are never too old to go to summer camp! We sometimes have families with a teenager who want to make sure that they will not be starting too late. At Camp Kodiak, we have new campers who even come to us for the first time when they are 18. In terms of when to start coming to camp, that depends on each individual child. We have had some very successful 6-year-olds at camp, but some kids at that age would be best served to come for a tour and then plan for the following summer.

Myth: My child has never been away from home; they will be too homesick!

This one isn’t completely a myth, as homesickness can happen for almost anyone (camper or staff). At Camp Kodiak, we acknowledge that part of being away from home is missing home, but that it is important to have a lot of fun at camp while they are there. Our campers end up being so busy and so happy with the friends they make at camp that homesickness doesn’t come often, and is only temporary when it does happen.

Myth: Camp is too rustic and outdoorsy for the “tech” generation!

If you haven’t been to a summer camp before you may be picturing outhouses, sleeping on the ground or in a tent, but that is not what summer is like at Camp Kodiak. We have modern cabins with full bathrooms and showers right in every cabin. We also don’t cut out technology completely. While our campers don’t have cell phones, they are welcome to bring iPods, hand-held gaming devices, and other small electronics that are not connected to a digital service network. These electronics don’t leave the cabin and are only used during specific times. For some campers, knowing this scheduled screen time exists allows them to disconnect for the rest of the camp day.

About the Author

Ilana Stoch

Ilana has worked at Camp Kodiak since it began in 1991, and is now the year-round Camp Director. Before working as a Director full-time, Ilana worked with the Peel District School Board for 14 years as a classroom teacher, a special education and ESL resource teacher, and guidance counsellor.